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If you don’t have a working proof-of-concept DLT, IoT, AIDC, or AI/ML, you are already losing ground to your competition.

These technologies—done right—enable enterprises to deliver unprecedented cost savings and vastly improve customer experience.

Done wrong, these emerging technologies drain cash, distract employees, and frustrate management.

The #1 reason these efforts collapse is that leadership mistakenly treats them as technology projects. In reality, they are corporate transformations.

At DLT Gov Solutions, we solve this problem through systems integration, governance design, cultural transformation, and turn-key technology packages to complete your transformation—so you stay competitive

Meet the Transformation Team

Thomas Cox

Thomas Cox

CEO & Cultural Change Lead

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Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner

Stakeholder Strategist

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John Greaves

John Greaves

Innovation in Manufacturing Lead

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Solutions to Achieve Transformative Growth

Scalability Health Check

We audit your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles, separating the critical few from the trivial many and identifying the top issues to tackle—so you can roll out Industry 4.0 successfully and scale your business.

Governance Consulting

We advise and assist your agile team in bringing stakeholders to the table, inspiring commitment, and designing change management processes—so your project can achieve scalability and avoid breakdown of trust.

Emerging Tech Turn-Key Solutions

We investigate your existing cycle of value creation to identify opportunities for emerging technologies including blockchain, IoT, AIDC, set a adoption plan, implement them for you, and train your staff—so you can get buy-in and stay competitive.

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